I made some data art...

I'm doing a research project on global patronage networks. As part of this i've been doing some social network analysis of the relationships between creators and patrons on Patreon.com.

Patreon have great user relations and regularly do webcasts with the company's CEO, Jack Conte, and various teams members. During one of them I posted this graphic based on data i scraped from the website.

A couple of weeks later i got an email to set up a call with Jack. He liked the graphic and wanted to commission me to make two new ones for him. He wanted to show two versions of Patreon: 1) a version of 2015 where communities are disparate amongst a sparsely connected network, and 2) his vision for 2020 where the network is much denser. Jack wanted to use these pieces to show staff at Patreon in a presentation, but also to install them in the offices.

After a number of iterations and some more Skype calls, below is the 2020 version Patreon will be printing and displaying at their HQ in San Francisco. It's 36" x 36", and although i've not seen the print the feedback has been great.