Faculty Photography Competition

Two of our Faculty's admin offices have just been refurbished and to decorate the walls a photography competition is being held. The categories are a little mundane: Nature and LandscapesAnimalsPeopleTravelDetails and Macro; and one is outright sexist: Man-Made. Colleagues and I have suggested this be changed, not least as the Faculty was given an Athena SWAN bronze award last year. We also considered entering work which illustrates gender inequality to that category, or taking it literally and declaring we couldn't enter it because we couldn't guarantee no women were involved in the making of the subject.

It's a timely competition as i've been meaning to get my camera out and start taking photos again - i did GCSE photography and took quite a few during my PhD to relax and get away from my work. I'm not sure why i stopped. Anyway i did get my camera out at the weekend and took the following.