Creative Industries Research

My main research interest is in the geographies and working practices of the creative industries. I've been involved with a series of project in this area, the most recent of which is Creative FUSE North East. Below is a brief outline of some research i undertook into the history of film and TV production in North East England.


Creativity has become a key area for academic study, and buoyed by persuasive studies (Florida, 2002) and impressive growth rates it is an important focus for policy-makers seeking to foster regionally-embedded growth. Emerging research into the creative industries in peripheral areas has begun to address drawbacks of canonical work on media hubs which generate only partial understandings of how creative industries operate in peripheral locations (Australian Geographer, 2010). This work highlights the challenges faced by creative workers and firms as they attempt to overcome remoteness and develop new forms of connectivity (Gibson et al., 2010). This research extends this work by examining the problematic evolution of film and TV production in North East England (NE).

Research objectives

  1. Trace the evolution of the NE’s film and TV sector over 40 years
  2. Examine the constraining and enabling environments which have shaped the development pathways of this sector


I presented some early findings at the RGS-IBG conference in Edinburgh (2012). My paper was part of the Historical Geographies of Creative Economies stream. You can see the presentation here:

More recently i presented the poster below at the RGS-IBG 2014 conference as part of the Visualising Economic Geographies session i convened (click the image for a larger version):