Information for Participants

My name is Jon and I'm a senior lecturer at Northumbria University in the UK. I'm doing research funded by the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust on global patronage networks. The research aims to analyse:

  • new geographies and global networks of patronage
  • the impact of different groups within patronage networks
  • the impact of web-based patronage on existing arts funding schemes

You can the read full application here. is a key focus, and I've already done analysis of creator-patron networks at a large scale - for details of this see here - and questionnaires. 

The next phase is to learn more from creators and patrons themselves, and that's what I'm hoping you'll help me with. I'd like to interview creators about what they do, how they use Patreon and their relationships with patrons. For patrons, i'm interested in your motivations for using Patreon, and the relationships you have (or don't have) with creators.

Interview should take less than 45 minutes (typically 30 minutes) and can be done via Skype, text messaging app, or face-to-face if you're in the UK.


All academic research is done within an ethical framework designed to protect participants and their data. Approval has been granted by my Northumbria University’s ethics committee to undertake this research, and these are the measures in place to protect you and your data:

  • all questions are optional

  • all responses will be anonymised unless you chose otherwise

  • research findings will be published online, in academic journals and possibly the wider media. This will consist of general findings and individuals won't be identifiable

  • you have the right to withdraw your data at any point

  • data will be destroyed three years after the end of the project. My funding runs from Jan 2015 until Dec 2016 but analysis will continue after this.

I would like to record interviews as it allows a conversation to flow as I don’t have to take notes. Recordings will then be transcribed confidentially. All materials will be stored securely. If you would like to see and edit/redact the transcript let me know. If you don’t want to be recorded that’s fine.

Contact details

Email: jon.swords [at]

Twitter: @patronage_res and @jon_swords

University webpage:

Personal webpage: